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Life with dooroos


The dooroos.mobile™ initial demo version is released. try download and enjoy.
The dooroos.mobile™ is a nano-kernel based multitasking kernel designed for the various applications.

The dooroos.mobile™ is a multi-layered, modular, high-performance general-purpose operating system designed specifically for the various computing systems. It provides a complete multitasking environment based on open system standards. It is built around the dooroos.mobile multi-tasking nano-kernel and a collection of companion software components and service servers(os services). Every servers implement a logical collection of system services. To the application developer, the system service requests appear as re-entrant C functions callable from an application. Any combination of server and library components can be incorporated into a system to match your computing system design requirements.

The dooroos.mobile™ can replace all the unix/linux system.

High modular architecture.