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dooroos.realtime is real-time operating system suitable for all the digital information devices in the form of multi-layered and modulated structure. dooroos.realtime can be freely configurable to suit the characteristics of the production equipment, and requires a minimum of memory and system resources. In addition, the various basic modules are designed to be attached or dettached to/from digital system without constraints, then you can create a wide variety of embedded systems from very small to very large system.
The preemptive scheduling based structure is used in dooroos.realtime and provide additional policy, the round-robin scheduling. Also The Strong policy of time management makes to implement the may powerful features in the embedded systems required a tight time constraint.
Using a single address space, the kernel, middleware, and application of the single physical address space makes to be able to use the rapid implementation of real-time task switching. And all component is loaded in the form of one image on the target system, but by its own relocation techniques with each other, and a separate, it is possible to protect itself from the other modules.
The record does not provide the user in arms, is the lack of features for the module itself felt capabilities can be inserted in the product. Of course, there is nothing functionally constraints.
When you write a driver or operating system, middleware, multi-tasking capabilities of the various issues raised by (the synchronization, the sharing, and tasking conflicts ...) can be written without considering at all, to guarantee the stability of the system is possible.
Interrupt latency of the system, especially a constant delay in the real-time operating system is a very important issue. dooroos.realtime provides always a constant interrupt delay and prevents efficiently the interrupt priority reserse. Most of the operating system interrupt for the delay in the implementation of multi-tasking features considerable sacrifices in order to avoid conflicts and tasks, and interrupt delay consideration when creating the driver should be written and will not affect the system. The creation of this relatively difficult for the driver in the operating system, the general developers are difficult to access. dooroos.realtime resolves this issue at all these issues, so, developers can create without worrying about the driver at all for the delay does not affect interrupts.

  Main Benefits
Nano-Kernel : Minimum features and configuration of the operating system.
Micro-Kernel : Configuration of the main operating system
Macro-Kernel : Expanded the capabilities of the operating system function
HAL : Porting the nano-kernel to the hardware cpu core.
Device Driver & DRV files : Controls the hardware device
Library & DLL files : Build a variety of functions
Application : System control main program

Server Concept : Only adding the server equipped with the necessary capabilities to expand the functions.
applicable of the external developmented Library : Developers can expand the library.
Indepency : The mutual independence between the servers to maintain and expand the shared resources available.

Mutual Independence : Independence Between modules make easy to debug and increase the stability
Modularity : Increasing the stability on the physical separation between the modules.
Block error propagation : Blocking the spread of problems in one module.

Small memory requirement : Small memory requirements on a very small nano-kernel and it's configuration
Relocation : Generation and functional modules can be placed separately

The optimal product development : On high modularity, the optimal product development
Intuitive porting structure : Minimal Hardware-related functions and intuitive function configuration.
Exact technical support : The rapid support of operating system development group.
Price competitiveness : Excellent price competitiveness of products.