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  FAT Format
FAT format library Download dooroos.realtime
This library is used to format the disk drive to the FAT filesystem. This library is used by function call.
2008 Jan 20th

Graphic Libaray Download dooroos.realtime
When using editbox widget, this library implements caret.
2008 Jan 20th

IME (nara-gul) Download dooroos.realtime
IME sample Download dooroos.realtime
This IME library is used to implement restricted keyboard input or hangul input on dooroos.RealTime. The nara-gul input and the general IME is supported, but no license is given.
2008 Jan 20th

PPP Libaray Download dooroos.realtime
On PSTN/CDMA/GSM/TRS system, PPP library can connect to the network.
2008 Jan 20th